Nault Chiropractic Worcester Chiropractor

If you suffer from pain, headaches, joint pain or an injury that requires physical therapy treatment, chances are you will benefit greatly from a chiropractic adjustment and treatment. Chiropractic treatment deals with the cause of pain. It is a safe, drugless, holistic approach to eliminating pain and maintaining a healthy body. Worcester Chiropractor Dr. Nault is a certified Brimhall Doctor which has has been recognized as the highest certification of holistic healthcare. Nault Chiropractic, Worcester chiropractor Dr.Nault has the highest certifications and best reviews of any other chiropractor in Worcester. Our patients most common ailments we treat are:

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Worcester Chiropractor Wellness Program

Wellness Program

Nault Chiropractic worcester offers a spine exercise wellness program broken down into three categories to improve posture, reduce back pain, gain strength, and flexibility.

Nault Chiropractic Worcester Chiropractor and Sports Injury Therapist

Sports Injury Therapist

Nault Chiropractic worcester also has sports injury therapy. Sports therapist Dr. Nault has experience working with professional NHL and NFL players as well as other local athletes.

Nault Chiropractic Worcester Chiropractor Dr.Nault

Dr.Nault Worcester Chiropractor

Dr.Nault has many reviews and awards showing his experiance and expertise as a chiropractor. His studies have been in applied kinesiology, sports injury therapy, holistic treatments, and prenatal care.